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Fitness Tips for Busy Women

Have you been through burnout or work in a high stress environment? So have I...
Learn how to take back control of your life and prioritize your health & fitness

Where to Start on Your Fitness Journey


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Jane Hart

Founder & Fitness Advocate

Hey there! I’m Jane, the founder of Janes Best Fitness which was born out of my own complicated health journey.

Long hours, immense stress, and neglecting myself led to serious health issues at just 29 yrs of age. I couldn’t even get out of bed most days, and the doctors couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong with me – I hit rock bottom. 

It took months and months and some serious mindset work, but slowly but surely, I started to piece myself back together. It wasn’t just about the workouts; it was about nurturing my mind and body with good nutrition and positive mindset shifts.

I feel like there are other women out there who are on the brink of burnout or have developed unhealthy habits who can benefit from my blog. 

I created janesbestfitness.com to share my journey and inspire other women who might be going through similar struggles.

I invite you to join me on this incredible fitness and wellness journey. Whilst cheering one other along, let’s become the best version of ourselves, one workout and positive thought at a time!


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