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5 Reasons Why Women Should Lift More

Let’s be honest: many women do not like the idea of lifting weights. This fear is attributed to the notion that by lifting weights, they’ll accumulate excessive muscles and thus become too “big”. However in this article I will discuss 5 reasons why women should lift more weights.

Lifting weights not only has a wide range of benefits health-wise and physically, but also brings about feminine curves exactly where and how you’d want them.

There are a number of myths that discourage women from lifting weights. For instance, some may associate weight lifting to bodybuilders, and women shy away from strength training since they don’t want to get bulky.

However, weight-lifting will take you beyond just shedding weight but enhance an awesome look in addition to heightened strength.

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Below is a list of 5 reasons why women should lift more weights.

5 Reasons Why Women Should Lift More

1. To Burn More Fat

Strength training enhances the storage of minimal fat while staying lean. This is because it causes some muscles to tear and rebuild within a day or two. This process, referred to as the afterburn effect, uses more calories and energy.

This escalates the body’s metabolism allowing you to burn fat long after your workouts, even while you rest or sleep. Doing cardio along with strength training is more effective in burning fat, hence losing more weight as you build muscle.

2. Better Sculpted and Stronger Body

With weight lifting, you’ll build muscles which bring about a better shape to your body and curves. Through varying targeted exercises, strength training brings forth a sculpted, toned and strong body. Cardio alone will only shed some weight but the body shape will remain the same. Unlike when combined with strength training which can reshape you to have a more sexy, muscular body.

3. Boosts Endurance

Strength training with weights allows the muscles to become stronger which in turn boosts endurance. This will make it easy for you to undertake your daily physical tasks without much effort or getting too tired. This way, you are able to do more tasks for longer periods.

4. You Will Not Get Bulky

Many myths associate weight lifting to bulkiness, a factor that has led to many women shying away from strength training. Nevertheless, women do not have adequate testosterone required to bulk up through weight training.

Hence, women cannot build muscle as easily as men due to their lower testosterone levels. Rather than adding a mass of muscles, weight training will bring forth better-toned abs and better-looking curves in addition to added strength and a positive outlook.

5. Enhances Cardiovascular Health

Most people experience some conditions such as heart disease or diabetes as a result of the poor or inadequate flow of blood through the body. Weightlifting alleviates the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular illnesses.

For instance, with exercises that involve a range of muscles, blood flows easily through the whole body, hence allowing the heart to function more efficiently.

To sum it up, weight training for women is a smart move as it gives one an opportunity for complete body transformation. Diet alone and cardio cannot bring about the all-body transformation that weight training can bring.

However, weight lifting calls for self-discipline, focus, and commitment to ensure consistency as well as achieve your goals.

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