5 Tips to Motivate You to Work Out

Admit it: some days are not really great workout days. You just don’t feel motivated, energized, or excited to get yourself moving. You’ve probably observed it’s hard to be motivated and energized all the time.

No matter what you’re doing, there are really certain days when you just don’t seem like showing up. There’ll be workouts you just don’t really feel like starting. There’ll be reports you don’t want to write and responsibilities you don’t want to handle.

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And there’ll be off days when most of your emotions and energy are swimming in the gutter. But don’t lose hope as there are simple tactics that can get you heading for the gym in no time, even when you don’t actually feel like doing it.

1. Find Yourself a Gym Buddy

Find someone who has a similar workout schedule to yours and try to plan workouts together. Not only can working with another person be a lot of fun but you’ll also have the additional responsibility of not disappointing someone else by your absence.

2. Put Your Workout Clothes On

Never mind if you’re not in the mood of going to the gym, just put on your workout clothes anyway. Even if you feel like you’re not really going to the gym and you will just be fooling yourself by wearing those clothes. Changing is easy and does not take much effort, but chances are, after wearing those clothes for a few minutes, you’ll decide to go anyway.

3. Get Yourself a Personal Trainer


Just like when you’re working out with a buddy, having a personal trainer for yourself will certainly force you to go to the gym even at times when you don’t seem to want to. Personal trainers can be mean sometimes, but even so, you will find it hard to disappoint your trainer by being absent on days when you’re not supposed to be.

That does not include yet some plus points like if the trainer is so cute looking that you just want to go to the gym even when it’s not your schedule.

4. Sign a Contract of Commitment

According to research, you’re more likely to go to the gym if you have made a pledge right in front of a friend or friends, especially if it is a signed contract you’ve made, never mind if it’s awkward or a bit silly. If you really want to discipline yourself just do it.

You can even include fines or penalties in the contract to make it more forceful, but without such fines, you’ll still be motivated for sure. Probably it’s the embarrassment of making your friends know you don’t live up to your word.

5. Give Yourself a Reward

Provide some compensation for your little accomplishments in the gym like an attendance bonus just for being there. This means every time you workout try to reward yourself with a nice oil massage or a hot bath which could serve as a motivation for you to be regularly attend your workout schedule.

The above 5 tips to motivate you to work out (when you don’t feel like it) might be effective in their own way, but it all really depends on the person concerned. What one really needs is a sincere objective, or a definite goal to lose weight by hook or by crook, with absolute resolve and determination to attain it.

If you are really focused on that goal and you devote your whole heart and mind to it, then there might just be no more need for motivations since there will never be a time when you don’t feel like doing it.


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