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Hey there, I'm Jane Hart...

And this is my story

Let me share my story with you – it’s one of burnout, struggle, and ultimately, finding my way back to health and happiness.

Picture this: I was stuck in a soul-crushing corporate job, working endless hours and drowning in stress. It got to the point where my body couldn’t take it anymore, and after years of ignoring the signs, my body finally forced me to stop!

I was in a terrible place both mentally and physically, the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, in the end all they could put it down to was extreme fatigue. I was only 31 and most days, I couldn’t physically get myself out of bed, let alone have the mental energy to work. 

Years of high stress and not eating well had wrecked havoc on body and mind to the point of exhaustion.

Jane Hart ready to do a fitness workout after her online meeting

I distinctly remembered the day (23rd June) when I made the decision to take back control of my life and not rely on medication any longer.

And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy! But bit by bit, day by day I clawed back the shattered pieces of my life and built someone stronger and more resilient. 

Numerous podcasts and setting time aside each day for mediation was a great start while I didn’t have the energy to exercise, as was the natural healing power of essential oils. Then I discovered the power of Pilates.

Online I discovered an inspirational woman named Robin Long from Lindywell Pilates. She is all about embracing “Grace over Guilt” in your exercise routine which resonated strongly with me.


Jane hart doing a Lindywell Pilates Workout

I started with just 10-15 minutes of pilates every few days. As I got stronger, both mentally and physically, I increased my workout frequency to 4 times a week and eventually found my cardio equipment of choice – an exercise bike!

What I love most is the freedom of working out at home, on my own schedule, without worrying about what others might think (this was a big hurdle for me to overcome in my fragile mental state). But you know what? Eventually, over a period of 13 months, I got to the point where I could enjoy the things I love again – taking my dog for a walk along the beach, going hiking, and having fun with friends at the movies.

I know there are other women out there who can relate to my journey, and that’s why I created janesbestfitness.com.

This blog is a space where I can share fitness tips from my own and other’s experiences, so you can learn from them too.

Together, let’s embrace the path to better health and happiness and take control back amidst the pressures and busyness of this life! 

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Jane Hart exercising with her dog at her home gym