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Hi there, I'm Jane, a personal trainer & fitness fanatic. This blog is my way of writing about all that interests me in the health and fitness world! Enjoy, have a look around, & feel free to get in touch!

Best Weight Lifting Shoes Review

In a standard gym, the bodybuilders and weightlifters wear specific shoes while lifting heavy weights. These are specially designed CrossFit Weightlifting Shoes. The high top weightlifting shoes allow hip flexion as well as extension in the entire Olympic movements. You can move freely during the powerful lifts like snatches and squat cleans. You must be […]

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Best Weight Lifting Gloves Review

Weightlifting gloves and wrist straps are essential gears for the gym, especially while lifting heavy weights. While working out, your whole body becomes sweaty including your palms. If the question “ Do I need weight lifting gloves?” arise in your mind, then follow the weight lifting gloves’ benefits. 1. Benefits of weightlifting gloves a) Excellent […]

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Best Powerlifting Belts Review

Looking for adequate support for your waist and back while performing strength exercises? You may opt for powerlifting belts. These belts will help in keeping your waist, back, and abdomen stable, and give you the confidence to engage in lifting some extra weights. From powerlifting lever belts to velcro belts, you will come across a […]

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Best Weightlifting Belts Review

If you are into weightlifting, you must already be aware of weightlifting belts. Some of you may think it is an essential piece of equipment that enhances your core strength, while some of you may consider it pointless. Herein we will discuss the different advantages and drawbacks of using weightlifting belts. Also mentioned, are few […]

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Best Knee Sleeves Review

The knees are the most crucial and ‘easily weakening’ part of the anatomy. Keeping them active and fit is very essential. This is where knee sleeves play their role. Knee sleeves can be worn to either protect the knee from injury or to speed up the recovery process, after an injury. It also provides warmth […]

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Best Ankle Braces Reviews

We all are susceptible to injuries, and ankle sprain is no exception. Mishaps can occur anytime and any day. For an ankle sprain, it is very crucial for you to take immediate measures before things get worse. The moment you sprain your ankle, you need to ice it, elevate your foot and apply compression to […]

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