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13 Awesome Benefits of the Paleo Diet

13 Awesome Benefits of the Paleo Diet (Infographic)

Let’s talk about the Paleo Diet for a minute here. So many doctors conclude that a diet — in the traditional sense: a method to lose weight — is unworkable as it only offers short-term success. The moment the diet ends, the layers of fat that were lost — and even more — is regained.

The Paleo Diet, for the uninitiated, is one which follows that of our primal ancestors, which is limited to the food available at the time.

To maintain your weight in a healthy manner, it is important to use a sustainable diet — in the true sense: the manner in which you eat regularly — such as the Paleo Diet, which offers a wide range of benefits.


13 Benefits of the Paleo Diet

It Promotes “Clean” Eating


From pollution to antiperspirants, there are many circumstances that can result in the body being subject to a wide range of contaminants, many of which cannot be avoided. However, the Paleo Diet offers the benefit of limiting the number of additives, preservatives, and chemicals that you consume.

A good test of whether the food is too processed is to look at the list of ingredients: if there are more than five, put it down and make your way to the fruit and vegetable aisle.

If you work under the adage that your body is a temple, then you will need not to enter it with dirty shoes.

No More Refined Sugar


If the nutritionists and doctors are to be believed, the amount of sugar in our diets is entirely too high and the cause of many health problems, such as tooth decay and obesity. Essentially, it is seen as the root of all evil and many of us would benefit from drastically cutting our intake of the sweet stuff.

Fortunately, the Paleo diet can help to achieve this, as there was little sugar around in the Paleolithic era. Your average cave-dweller could not go to the corner shop when he felt like a candy bar and would have been better for it.

Increases Your Nutrient Intake


A diet that is filled with processed and convenience foods will be low in vitamins and minerals, as this food tends to provide empty calories and no beneficial content. Nutrients are essential for the body and the effects can be immediately felt when these are lacking, such as tiredness, problem skin, and thinning hair, to name just a few of the potential symptoms.

A Paleo Diet helps to increase the number of nutrients you consume as it contains whole foods, which are rich in nutrients. This feeds the body to ensure good health is maintained.

It Gives You More Iron, Too

Those that suffer from iron deficiency anemia will be all too aware of the toll it can take, such as feeling exhausted despite a full night’s sleep. For many, iron tends to be depleted from the body quickly and those with poor diets will have perpetually low levels.

Two of the best sources of iron are red meat and leafy greens, which are a standard part of the Paleo Diet. These foods that contain high levels of iron will create a better opportunity for the body to absorb the right amount of iron.

Protein Is The Name of the Game


Anyone who works out on a regular basis will understand the importance of protein for building the muscles; however, this does not mean it is any less important for those that do not work out. The processes of the body are benefitted by protein, which is necessary to maintain a healthy physique.

Many of us have diets that are high in carbohydrates, which offer a certain type of benefit in terms of energy, but the body needs more than this.

The growth and health of the skeletal structure, muscles, and skin are reliant on a sufficient amount of protein, which is gained from the Paleo Diet.

Expect To Lose Weight (And Actually Keep It Off)


Because the Paleo Diet provides you with the sustenance that your body needs whilst omitting the detrimental aspects of food, you will find that it is possible to lose weight and keep it off easily.

A diet that is high in protein and low in bad fats will help you to achieve decent fat loss and to maintain this without suffering the ‘yo-yo’ effect that comes with faddy diets.

Though the Paleo Diet may comprise good fats, these benefit the body and cannot be considered on the same basis as bad fats.

Get A Better Night’s Sleep


A poor diet is disruptive to the natural rhythm of the body as it is forced to work harder to cope with digesting processed and unhealthy food. When the body is uncomfortable, it will let you know about it by preventing sleep.

Similarly, the manmade additives used in processed and junk food can interrupt the naturally occurring chemicals in the body that regulate sleeping patterns. Avoiding bad food lessens the number of nasty substances in the body that prevent poor sleep.

Further, the Paleo Diet helps to increase the energy used during the day, so you are more inclined to sleep at night.

Feel More Alive

The benefits of the Paleo Diet arise because it is a way to eat clean and consume only natural foods that would have been available to our ancestors.

This clean eating will reduce the feeling of sluggishness that comes from eating processed foods and empty carbohydrates that do not offer any nutritional value and are difficult to digest.

The natural, whole, nutrient-rich foods eaten as part of the Paleo Diet nourish the body and reduce the toxins that can sap energy. The increased and regular amounts of vitamins and minerals gained through a sustained Paleo Diet will keep energy levels high.

Less Bloating Feeling

Apparently, the increasing popularity of gluten-free foods has arisen from people misdiagnosing themselves with gluten intolerance/allergy or even Celiac Disease.

It is estimated that only a small portion of these people actually have a gluten issue, whereas the rest are just suffering from bloating and gastric issues. The consumption of a sufficient amount of carbohydrate results in bloating, which can be improved with the Paleo Diet as carbohydrates play a very small part.

The natural foods that make up the Paleo Diet are easy to digest and are less likely to cause bloating – as long as you do not eat too fast!

Watch Your Muscles Grow


Bodybuilders require a larger amount of protein than the average person who does not do such a large amount of exercise, as protein aids the development of muscle tissue.

The Paleo Diet provides for a stripped-down way to eat that results in more protein being consumed and a lack of unnecessary additives that hinder the benefits of the protein.

Eat Your Healthy Fats Without the Guilt


Many people see fat as a dirty word when it comes to any discussion about nutrition and diet, but this would be doing a disservice to healthy fats. There are a number of different types of fat and not all of them are bad, which is another positive of the Paleo Diet.

These healthy fats take a number of different forms and can be found in foods, such as avocados and fish.

The increased amount of healthy fats that can be consumed through a Paleo Diet offer a number of different benefits, from improved skin condition to good heart health.

No More Calorie Counting

A lot of emphasis is placed on the benefit of eating a certain amount of calories per day in order to maintain a healthy weight. However, this can become quite a labor-intensive as it is necessary to work out and record the calories of everything you eat all day, every day. This will quickly become tedious and make you less inclined to do it.

Fortunately, because the Paleo Diet means you only consume good ingredients, you will not waste time and effort on counting calories. This diet clearly outlines what you can and cannot eat, so there is no guesswork or any fancy specialist food.

Lessen Those Allergies

An allergic reaction occurs when the body treats a substance as a type of foreign object that it needs to fight. When you eat as naturally as possible, you are less likely to encounter any detrimental ingredient that could cause a negative reaction in the body.

The Paleo Diet can be beneficial to those who suffer food intolerances or allergies as the food within this diet are free from the irritants that cause an allergic reaction.

In addition, the antioxidants gained from the increased amount of fruit and vegetables will help flush out toxins and give you a feeling of well-being.

Wrapping Up

For those of us who find comfort in carbs, it can be a great hardship to reduce the amount consumed so drastically. However, the results that you will be able to achieve from a little bit of effort can be so incredible that you may wonder why you did not start the Paleo Diet earlier.

Rather than worrying about what might be in your food and endlessly reading ingredients lists, the use of the Paleo Diet can lighten your mind and your waistline.

The natural basis of the Paleo Diet makes it easier to improve your health and well-being in a sustainable manner.