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Best Arm Blasters

Best Arm Blasters for Growing your Biceps

A great addition to any home gym, finding the best arm blasters will help maximise your arm workout.

What is an Arm Blaster?

When training to build muscles, the arm blaster is an important tool to use. It is primarily a harness with a metal plate used for training the biceps. 

Ideally, the best arm blasters work by isolating your biceps. It’s one of the comfortable ways to build your muscles. They ensure your elbows are straight in front and in the correct position.

By using an arm blaster, you reduce the ability to curl your muscles and improve your form.

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How to Use an Arm Blaster?

You wear it around your neck as you carry out your biceps curl. The strap goes around the back of your neck while the metal plate rests on your upper abdomen.

The elbows will rest on the front side of the arm blaster. As you lift the weights, the elbows cannot move to your backside. 

The main aim is to develop a proper form while isolating your biceps. It also keeps your upper arm in a fixed position.

Working out with the arm blaster gets you to maximize your strength. This restrains the ability for you to cheat your curls. During the lifting session, the arm blaster assists you in growing bigger muscles.

Arm Blaster Benefits

Below are some advantages of using the arm blaster

  • As a weight lifter, you will always want to lift more weight. If you don’t want to hurt your ego, this is your best tool. You adjust the metal plates, and this gives you the confidence to lift as much as you can.
  • You get the excellent bicep bump. It gets you into a glamorous and solid form.
  • You get the habit of keeping your elbows close to your side. This keeps you in good form, making it the ideal training tool.
  • The arm blasters allow you to develop and rock your biceps.

You’ve got to try them!

Review of the Best Arm Blasters

Hawk Sports Arm BlasterBest for Weight Lifters and Bodybuilders
ARD-Champs Heavy Duty Arm BlasterBest Biceps Isolator
RDX Arm Curl BlasterBest Adjustable Arm Blaster
ARMAGEDDON SPORTS Premium Arm BlasterBest Quality Arm Blaster
Core Prodigy Cannon Curl Arm BlasterBest For Thick Bar Training
Farabi Fitness Weightlifting Arm BlasterBest For Athletes

1. Best for Weight Lifters and Bodybuilders – Hawk Sports Arm Blaster

Hawk Sports Arm Blaster for Biceps & Triceps Dumbbells & Barbells Curls Muscle Builder Bicep Isolator for Big Arms Bodybuilding & Weight Lifting Support for Strength & Muscle Gains

This 24″ arm blaster comes from a team of weight trainers and bodybuilders. If you need support while doing heavy biceps curls, it is your best option.

They help you build bigger biceps, triceps, and shoulder muscles faster. You should try the Hawks Sports Arm Blaster. You are assured of maximum strength during your upper body workouts.


  •  It has good paddings
  • Works on all body sizes
  • Great lightweight
  • Adjustable metal buckle
  • Suitable for big arms bodybuilding and weight lifting


  • It has no elbow pads

2. Best Biceps Isolator – ARD-Champs Heavy Duty Arm Blaster

ARD-Champs Heavy Duty Arm Blaster Body Building Bomber Bicep Curl Triceps Red

You will love its contoured design. It allows you to keep your arms and shoulders isolated. You also maintain the back and elbows locked in a curling position.

This is your go-to accessory if you want to build your muscles lean and big. 


  • Various attractive colors
  • Comes with a neck strap
  • It comes with a v2 shaped foam paddling
  • Allows blood to pump faster to the biceps
  • It has a clip that keeps the belt secure
  • It allows more energy to be used up


  • The fastener doesn’t always stay in place

3. Best Adjustable Arm Blaster – RDX Arm Curl Blaster

RDX Arm Curl Blaster Biceps Isolator Bomber - Double Riveted With Adjustable Strap Muscle Builder - Great for Bodybuilding, Strength Training and Triceps Extensions

The Rdx arm curl blaster’s belt is cut from the toughest nylon belt for unbreakable power.

Working out with this gym accessory allows you to bulk up your biceps each time you grab the bar. You definitely want to try this.


  • Double riveted with adjustable straps
  • Good padding
  • The arms work massively
  • Focuses all your movements on the biceps and triceps when lifting


  • Bulky to wear due to the oversized neoprene neck pad

4. Best Quality Arm Blaster – ARMAGEDDON SPORTS Premium Arm Blaster

ARMAGEDDON SPORTS Premium Arm Blaster Biceps Isolator + Bonus Weight Lifting Straps, Heavy Duty Bicep Blaster Curl Support Muscle Builder for Triceps/Biceps Workout, Build Bigger Arms

It is designed to isolate your shoulders from moving and prevents cheating by fitting you perfectly. Your elbows will also be thankful for the extra comfortable pads.

You need this as your perfect workout equipment as you build big and muscular arms.


  • It provides excellent comfort from the neck neoprene
  • It comes with a complimentary gift – padded lifting straps
  • Great at arm blasts.
  • Lasts longer
  • It doesn’t compromise quality or comfort


  • Reduces weight lifts

5. Best for Thick Bar Training – Core Prodigy Cannon Curl Arm Blaster

Core Prodigy Cannon Curl Arm Blaster with Fit Grips - Removable Silicone Fat Bar Grips

As a fitness or bodybuilding enthusiast, you need to have this arm blaster for your grip and arms. The harder your muscle contracts, the harder the surrounding muscle contracts.

This enables you to keep the correct posture. Try mixing fit grips with cannon curl arm blaster to improve your grip and arms.


  • No back pain
  • Able to take the strain out of your shoulders when curling heavyweights
  • Durable and spot-on construction
  • Cannon curl that supports your muscles
  • It allows you to contract your biceps plus forearm in a closed fist


  • The cold steel across the abs makes workouts uncomfortable.

6. Best for Athletes – Farabi Fitness Weightlifting Arm Blaster

Farabi Fitness Weightlifting Arm Blaster Biceps Isolator Gym Support Straps Wraps

If you are an athlete, the Farabi fitness weightlifting arms blaster is made especially for you. During lifting sessions, it will help you keep your biceps in the form of the body. 

This results in the incredible growth of the muscles. The NYLO-FAB XCR strap provides an easy stress-free workout session.


  • It has a GCT- cushion 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Suitable for strength seeking for an athlete
  • Helps you build the biceps muscles 
  • It concentrates on the arm strength enhancement.


  • You might hurt your elbows if not worn properly

Final words on the Best Arm Blasters

To sum it up, choose one out of these arm blasters and blast those muscles. This equipment is suitable for the gym and even home studios. You should also consider that they are used in handling a group of muscles and not just one.

If you want those biceps growing and have the perfect arm curls, try either of these. They not only make life easier for you as you exercise but also give you the expected results. 

Arm blasters work best for both males and females. They are certainly a great addition to your workout, regardless of gender.

Get your arms pumped up and curly as you use any of these arm blasters.

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