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Finding the best crossfit shoes for women

Your Guide to the 7 Best Crossfit Shoes for Women

Whether you’re getting a head start on your New Year’s resolutions this year or you’re simply ready to up your style game at the gym. Finding the right CrossFit sneaker to give you the support you need while still looking fresh can be a tough task to accomplish. In this review I’ll be looking at the best crossfit shoes for women.

Unfortunately for many women, modern workout shoes can give you flashbacks of high school pep rallies and the familiar chunky footwear adored by nursing students the world over.

Finding the right pair of CrossFit sneakers is an important part of your training. Without proper support, the constant changes in movement demanded by this style of exercise will literally wear your shoes out and have the potential to cause injury.

Some basic criteria when looking for the best crossfit shoes for women is:

  • good structure
  • breathability
  • overall durability to help you execute those difficult moves like a pro

And let’s be honest, it would help if they looked good with the rest of your workout gear too!

Before shelling out a bunch of money on a new pair, we’ve picked out 7 awesome options that will satisfy both your WOD and style needs.

Finding the best crossfit shoes for women

Best CrossFit Shoes For Women

Reebok Nano X Cross-Trainer4.5
Nike Flex Trainer 94
Reebok Nano X1 TR4.5
New Balance 715 V44
Reebok Cross-Trainer Nano 94.5
ASICS GT-10004

Reebok Nano X Cross Trainer

Reebok Women's Nano X Cross Trainer Running Shoes. best crossfit shoes for women

With a bit of fine-tuning and extra attention paid to detail, Reebok has finally come up with the Nano X series. This shoe works well to combine a perfect light and comfortable fit with maximum durability and optimal support.

In the Nano X cross trainer, you’ll find the Kevlar-infused mesh upper gives just the right amount of protection and breathability. While the updated midsole, precision contouring, and polyurethane “NanoShell” exterior provide the support you need.

As an extra bonus, there are 19 different color combinations to choose from to keep you looking fit and fresh at the gym.


ASICS Women's Gel-DS Trainer 25 Running Shoes. best crossfit shoes for women

For the right combination of comfort, flexibility, and support, look no further than the GEL-DS Trainer by ASICS.

These sneakers not only look great but pack a bunch of extras to give you the best fit possible. As well as still meeting your durability and structure needs.

Rearfoot GEL cushioning gives extreme shock absorption, while the high abrasion rubber and sleek MONO-SOCK upper construction give you the ability to stretch and move easily to perform repeated movements for your WOD.

Additionally, the low-profile midsole offers a barefoot-like sensation to give a customized workout while still protecting your feet.

Nike Flex Trainer 9

Nike Women's Flex Trainer 9 Sneaker. Finding the best crossfit shoes for women

From Nike comes another great sneaker option that follows the cool and stylish, slip-style cross trainer formula that is so popular right now.

What makes this sneaker superior to others is the 15mm-thick memory foam sock liner that provides extra cushioning. Deep flex grooves that extend all the way down to the midsole also give the wearer an enhanced natural range of motion, perfect for CrossFit training.

A durable heel ensures that you’ll be able to handle a more intense workout by giving you added stability and support.

Reebok Nano X1 TR

Reebok Women's Nano X1 Tr Adventure Cross Trainer

At first glance, these Crossfit sneakers look super cool but it’s the details that make them a great shoe to help boost your skill level in the gym.

The protective and lightweight DuraCage upper gives you the flexibility and breathability needed to complete repetitive moves on the ropes. While abrasion-reducing ETC anti-friction lining offers a great fit.

For the extra hard moves in the gym, you’ll have the shock-absorbing, 48C foam compression-molded midsole to give you the support you need.

The traditional lace-up closure also ensures a perfect, comfortable fit every time you slip these on and hit the mat.

New Balance 715 V4

New Balance Women's 715 V4 Cross Trainer

If the name alone isn’t enough to grab your attention, then the sleek design features and comfortable wear that New Balance is known for will.

With a number of high-performance materials including an odour-resistant lining (goodbye nasty foot odour!) and traditional lace-up closure for that perfect fit. These shoes also pack a secret weapon for comfort and durability with their Vibram sole.

The REVlite RC competition-grade midsole and 4mm heel-to-toe drop also add the perfect package for a durable, comfy and ultra-supportive CrossFit shoe.

Reebok Cross-Trainer Nano 9

Reebok Women's Nano 9 Cross Trainer Shoes

Similar to her streamlined younger sister, the Nano 9 follows Reebok’s best design formula to date with a ton of excellent features and a slightly more affordable price tag that will help you round out your workout wardrobe nicely.

The DuraCage protective upper and RopePro protection wrap makes hitting the rope and other repetitive moves simple and easy while protecting your feet from mishaps on the mat.

The open weave mesh upper also offers great breathability and you’ll be able to rely upon both forefoot and heel pods to provide the cushion and shock absorption you need.


ASICS Women's GT-1000 10 Running Shoes

With updated comfort technology, the GT 1000 Tempo is a versatile and eye-catching option for your regular workout sneaker.

This particular design from ASICS is perfect for low and high-impact training as it offers just the right amount of flexibility, support, and cushioning needed to withstand the demands of Crossfit workouts.

The Flexible Fit system provides much-needed midfoot lockdown and quarter panel bracing adds just the right amount of support for repeated side-to-side movements.

A breathable mesh upper, cushioned midsole, and rearfoot GEL cushioning system offers unbeatable shock absorption and ensures a smooth transition to the midstance position with each movement.

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