Best Foam Rollers Review
September 6, 2020

Best Foam Roller: Benefits & Review

By Jane

After working out at the gym or jogging outside, your muscles may feel sore sometimes. You can do various things to relieve the discomfort, and foam rolling is one of them.

The fitness market has a wide range of foam rollers to help ease the pain. So ensure you buy the best one.  

What does Foam Rolling do

Foam rolling allows you to massage yourself using a device called a foam roller. The activity relieves tight muscles. It involves applying pressure on the trigger point to ease tightness in the area.

Manufacturers offer various foam rollers to alleviate discomfort on affected body parts, including calves, shoulders, back, and quads. Some foam rollers have a vibration mechanism that enhances performance on stiff muscles.  

The Benefits of a Foam Roller

Foam rolling offers multiple benefits for your entire body. For instance, it enhances your range of motion by relieving muscle stiffness. Besides, it boosts your flexibility and endurance as you shift positions and hold for a few seconds.

That is not all. The activity also increases blood circulation to prepare you for workouts. Foam rolling can help relieve tension in the back and supports recovery after injuries.

Foam Rollers Review

Hyperice VyperBest High-Recovery Vibrating Foam Roller
NextRoller Foam RollerBest Electric Back Massager
TrigerPoint Original 13-inch RollerBest Hollow Core Roller
TriggerPoint 26-inch 2.0Best Multi-Density Roller
ProsouceFit Half-Round RollerBest Half-Round Foam Roller
Brazyn-Morph RollerBest Foam Roller for Back Pain
AmazonBasics Foam RollerBest Foam Roller for Sciatica
OPTP Axis RollerBest Firm Density Foam Roller
Gaiam Restore Foam RollerBest Medium Density Foam Roller
Rumbroller RollerBest for Deep-Tissue Massage
321 Strong Foam RollerBest Foam Roller for Lower Back Pain

Best High-Recovery Vibrating Foam Roller – Hyperice Vyper

Hyperice Vyper Vibrating Foam Roller

Hyperice boasts of being the go-to foam roller for famous athletes, including Lebron James and Blake Griffin. It combines both pressure and vibration to provide you enhanced relief for pains and sore muscles. It has three vibration levels for you to choose from – 45, 68, and 92Hz.

The product has 16 small ridges on its rugged exterior, making it an excellent foam roller for the back. It also ensures the relief you feel reaches more in-depth into the muscle tissues. 


  • Professional quality with powerful vibration
  • Features digital controls for vibration intensity 
  • The exterior material ensures maximum vibration is felt 
  • Durable and TSA-approved 
  • Vibrator charge lasts for long


  • The lowest intensity setting can be powerful for some users

Best Electric Back Massager – NextRoller Foam Roller

NextRoller 3-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller - High Intensity Vibration for Recovery, Mobility, Pliability Training & Deep Tissue Trigger Point Sports Massage Therapy - Firm Density Electric Back Massager

Use NextRoller to assist you in reaching your fitness targets. This vibrating foam roller features three-speed vibration levels, which entail low, medium, and high. You can ease muscle soreness and pain in your hamstrings, quads, and back efficiently with these settings.

A full battery charge provides you with two hours of massage. The brand boasts of having featured on NBC, FOX, and CBS. It is suitable for everyone, including professional athletes and everyday users. 


  • Rechargeable and portable
  • Has an ergonomic handle for easy carrying
  • Incorporates a dynamic texture and firm density 
  • Simple to change vibration levels 


  • Utilizes a manual intensity knob 

Best Hollow Core Roller – TrigerPoint Original 13-inch Roller

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller with Free Online Instructional Videos, Original (13-Inch)

Available in bright, stunning colors, the original TriggerPoint foam roller consists of high-grade materials that stay intact with repeated use. It has a multi-density frame and a sturdy hollow core. It allows you to try various foam roller stretches.

With this product, you also get access to free online videos on foam rolling from experts. The 13-inch grid can carry a user weight of up to 500lbs. 


  • Has a long-lasting construction 
  • Offers superior performance 
  • A reliable tool among professionals and athletes
  • Firm and comfortable 
  • Lightweight and small with softer ridges 


  • Does not incorporate the vibration mechanism 
  • The length can be a bit small and inconvenient for tall users 

Best Multi-Density Roller – TriggerPoint 26-inch 2.0

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller with Free Online Instructional Videos, 2.0 (26-inch)

If you find the above TriggerPoint foam roller small for you, the manufacturer provides a larger 26-inch version. It has all the useful features of the 13-inch model, including a high weight limit, rigid construction, and access to free instruction videos. However, it also has a multi-density frame.

The rigid core and foam overlay combination ensures the roller is comfortable and robust enough not to lose shape. The difference between both the products is the length. 


  • Easy to use
  • Provides more surface area for foam rolling
  • Suits users of all heights 
  • Firmer and effective than cheaper rollers 


  • Expensive but worth the cost

Best Half-Round Foam Roller – ProsouceFit Half-Round Roller

ProsourceFit High Density Full and Half-Round Foam Rollers for Physical Therapy, Pilates, Yoga, Stretching, Balance & Core Exercises

ProsourceFit offers a unique half-round roller. It provides firm support for core strengthening and spine stabilization. However, the model is available in 12, 18, and 36-inch sizes, and you can use more than one roller at a go. Besides using this product to relieve soreness, it helps in yoga, pilates, and squats. You can also use it to foam roll your calves before running.

If you’re new to foam roller exercises, start with the roller’s flat side and later shift to the rounded side for additional intensity.


  • Has a textured surface for a non-slip grip 
  • Portable with convenient storage 
  • High-density and made of eco-friendly material 
  • Lightweight and easy to maintain 
  • Has a sturdy construction for durability 


  • May be painful at first for beginners

Best Foam Roller for Back Pain – Brazyn-Morph Roller

Brazyn Morph Alpha Foam Roller - for Home, Gym, Office, Travel, Athletes - Collapsible & Lightweight Roller for Trigger Point Massage, Myofascial Release & Back Pain Relief

With Brazyn-Morph, you get a roller that packs flat to save space in your backpack or travel bag. Pull strings to unfold the foam roller and push the disks on the roller’s two ends to collapse it.

Moreover, Brazyn foam roller can carry as much as 350lbs of user weight. Besides, the manufacturer uses recyclable aluminum and bamboo material to provide you with a satisfactory rolling experience. 


  • Easy to expand and pack flat
  • Compact and light for portability 
  • High-quality with a user-friendly design 
  • Sturdy with a comfortable patterned exterior 


  • Should include a higher user weight limit 

Best Foam Roller for Sciatica – AmazonBasics Foam Roller

AmazonBasics High-Density Exercise, Massage, Muscle Recovery, Round Foam Roller

AmazonBasics offers foam rollers in various colors and sizes. With the 12, 18, 24, and 36-inch lengths to choose from, you should find a size that suits your needs. This high-density foam roller is suitable and perfect for all body types.

It is firm and offers support for muscle recovery, massage, and exercise. Nonetheless, its high-density structure provides a deeper massage to help relieve the tightness and soreness in your muscles.

Use the model for balance, strengthening, and flexibility. Besides, it does not lose shape even with moderate and heavy use.


  • Has an easy to clean exterior
  • Lightweight yet firm 
  • High-density, compact, portable 
  • Superior quality but affordable 


  • The raised seams on the sides can be uncomfortable 

Best Firm Density Foam Roller – OPTP Axis Roller

OPTP AXIS Foam Roller - Firm Density, Black

If you are looking for a long foam roller, the OPTP foam roller is one of them. It is available in a 36-inch length to help you deal with pain after workouts or a long day on your feet.

It is firm and high-density, so there is no need to worry about it losing shape. However, you can also get OPTP in smaller dimensions that are easier to carry around and a half-round design that offers stability. 


  • Cleaning requires soap and water only
  • Firm and high-density 
  • Ideal for large muscle groups 
  • Works effectively on tough problem areas


  • Suitable for moderate use; not heavy use

Best Medium Density Foam Roller – Gaiam Restore Foam Roller

Gaiam Restore Muscle Massage Therapy Foam Rollers (18 inch & 36 inch)

With an 18-inch size, the Gaiam foam roller is an elegant product that comes in purple, green, and grey. The shade will look spectacular at the yoga studio gym. That aside, the item incorporates medium density for muscle stimulation.

The 18 inches provide adequate room for both arms and legs so that you can enjoy soothing muscle relief simultaneously. However, this brand includes a 15-minute digital guide to get you started if you are new to foam rolling. Use Gaiam to release tension and stiffness. 


  • Its 36-inch size provides more coverage and fosters balance
  • Allows double leg and arm use for convenience 
  • Well-made and soft to ensure comfort
  • Lightweight and efficient 


  • Breaks down faster unlike firm, high-density models 

Best for Deep-Tissue Massage – Rumbroller Roller

Rumbleroller Deep-Tissue Massage Roller

When you need deeper tissue foam rolling, consider using Rumbroller. It features unique firm bumps that are also flexible to help ease stiffness, pain, and soreness. They get deeper into the tissues where necessary and flex out of the way when they encounter protrusions.

The roller stretches muscles and tissue in various directions to maximize effectiveness, ease discomfort, and break knots. 


  • High-strength and portable
  • Feels great on your body
  • Tear-resistance to boost durability 
  • Never loses shape 


  • Might be rough at first 

Best Foam Roller for Lower Back Pain – 321 Strong Foam Roller 

321 STRONG Foam Roller - Medium Density Deep Tissue Massager for Muscle Massage and Myofascial Trigger Point Release, with 4K eBook

Here is another medium-density foam roller for users who do not want a rigid model. 321 Strong foam roller is a stunning product with attractive graphics on the exterior and other solid colors.

It consists of a rugged, lightweight core and has 3D massage areas that enable you to feel great. If you are a novice, the medium density is an excellent place to start. However, the roller reaches soft muscle tissues to alleviate tension.

The package includes a bonus eBook, which you can download free of charge from the manufacturer’s website, or get as an email attachment. 


  • The 1lb weight is travel-friendly 
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Allows both smooth and bumpy rolling
  • Suits everyone 


  • Most users are happy with the product


Foam rolling is a beneficial physical activity before and after workouts. It increases circulation as you warm up for exercise and later helps your muscles recover from stiffness and soreness.

Finding the right foam roller for you can be challenging, especially when there are many to choose from. 

With the above review of the best foam rollers, you should find one that best matches your needs. While some brands include vibration functionality, others do not. However, both models provide you the relief you need.

Depending on your skill level, you can buy a medium density, high-density, or multiple-density foam roller.