Best Powerlifting Belts Review

Looking for adequate support for your waist and back while performing strength exercises? You may opt for powerlifting belts. These belts will help in keeping your waist, back, and abdomen stable, and give you the confidence to engage in lifting some extra weights. From powerlifting lever belts to velcro belts, you will come across a wide variety of powerlifting belts online. However, before picking your belt, you need to know why you need it!

Inzer Lever 13MM13MM Thick5
Titan Brahma Lever13MM Thick4.5
Ader Leather Belt- 4″9 – 10MM Thick5

Powerlifting Belt vs Weightlifting Belt

Powerlifting Belt
  • The powerlifting belt has the same width all throughout its length.
  • The minimum thickness of this belt is 10mm.
  • These belts are made of high-quality leather.
  • These belts come with either a single prong or a double prong or a lever buckle to secure.
  • The thick area provides optimum support at the front, which makes squats and deadlifts more powerful.
Weightlifting Belt
  • The weightlifting belt is mostly narrow at the front and wider at the back.
  • The thickness is less than 10mm.
  • Most weightlifting belts are made up of light leather and other synthetic material.
  • These belts are secured with either prongs or velcro. Weightlifting belts are also often padded at the back.
  • Weightlifting belts may interfere with lifting workouts.

Best Powerlifting Belts Review

Inzer Advance Designs Forever Lever Belt 13MM

Inzer Advance Designs Forever Lever Best Power Lifting Belt 13MM Thick X Large Black Review Amazon
Inzer Advance Designs Forever Lever Belt 13MM

Inzer powerlifting belt gives you the maximum support that you require. The patented lever makes this belt very simple to wear and tighten. You can also release it quickly with a flick of the lever. Inzer Advance Designs Forever Lever Belt 13MM is best for squat, clean and jerk, press and deadlifts. This belt is made with fine leather, has a solid thickness and quality suede finishing. The non-slip surface adds a perfect grip.


  • Because of superior quality solid leather with fine stitching, it is considered to be one of the best belts for powerlifting
  • The quality of the lever is very stable and robust, leaving fewer chances of wearing out
  • Buyers can choose from two thickness options.
  • The suede does not let it slip.
  • Excellently priced, this belt is also very long-lasting.
  • It looks brilliant, and the lever flicks add to the charm


  • People looking for different levels of tightness may find the lever to be a bit of hassle
  • Customizing the belt may be a little confusing.

Titan Brahma Lever Powerlifting Belt (Small waist 25-35 inches)

Titan Brahma Lever Best Powerlifting Belt (Small waist 25-35 inches) Review Amazon
Titan Brahma Lever Powerlifting Belt (Small waist 25-35 inches)

With a top lever buckle, the Titan Brahma lever powerlifting belt offers stability, strength, grip, and confidence. Best for all kinds of powerlifting exercises; this belt is made of quality leather for optimum support. The suede makes it non-slippery and gives complete stability to the wearer. So, pick quality and forget about unreliable cheap powerlifting belts.


  • The belt is made with quality material that gives optimum support.
  • It is best for performing squats, cleans, and deadlifts.
  • It is thick and heavy all around.
  • Easy to latch and unlatch.
  • It provides excellent stability and confidence.
  • This belt has a prolonged shelf life without wearing or tearing it out.
  • The classy lever adds to its unusual looks.


  • Some may find it a little expensive.

Ader Leather PowerLifting Weight Belt – 4″

Ader Leather Best Power Lifting Weight Belt- 4" Red (Large 35"- 40") Review Amazon
Ader Leather PowerLifting Weight Belt – 4″

Made with high-quality leather, the Ader Leather powerlifting weight belt is something you will fall in love with at first glance. The four-layer finishing is what makes this leather powerlifting belt unique and brilliant. The soft-suede lining gives extra comfort and perfect support to the wearer. The roller buckle and a single loop make this belt comfortable to wear and easy to take off.


  • Manufactured using quality material.
  • It provides extreme support and comfort both at the same time.
  • Made with premium-grade leather.
  • The double nylon stitching makes it durable and hard to tear off.
  • The buckle is very sturdy and adds to its robust design.


  • It does not come in varied measurements.
  • Some may find it rough.
  • It may take time to get used to it.

Add Stability and Confidence with the Perfect Powerlifting Belt

If you are planning to add some extra power to your powerlifting, the belts mentioned above may help you out. Before you pick your belt, you need to know how it will help you and how tight should the powerlifting belt be for you. You should also see the purpose of wearing the belt before finalizing on any powerlifting weight belt.

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