Best Weightlifting Belts Review

If you are into weightlifting, you must already be aware of weightlifting belts. Some of you may think it is an essential piece of equipment that enhances your core strength, while some of you may consider it pointless. Herein we will discuss the different advantages and drawbacks of using weightlifting belts. Also mentioned, are few of the best weightlifting belts available for fitness aficionados.

The purpose of a weightlifting belt is to support the torso while lifting weights. Many believe that the belt holds the potential to protect the trunk from injury. The belt also provides strength and safety, while opting for any weight lifting workouts.

To know if a weightlifting belt is right for your workout regime, the below-mentioned benefits and drawbacks may help you to decide well.





X-Small belt

Abs & Back

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Flexz Lever Belt

Back & Skin

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Inzer Lever Belt


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Schiek Nylon​

Back, Hip & Rib

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Harbinger Belt

Back & Abdominal

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  • checkIt helps in enhancing the intra-abdominal pressure, which is the pressure in your abdomen
  • checkIt supports the torso while doing strenuous and heavy weight lifting
  • checkIt helps in stabilizing the core and spine, enabling you to put optimum pressure
  • checkIt reduces the chances of your spine collapsing due to heavyweight
  • checkA weightlifting belt with personalized fits can allow the wearer to lift any desired weight


  • It may not be very convenient or comfortable for moderate weight training
  • If you already have an injury in your spine, these belts may not be very useful
  • Inappropriate usage of these belts may restrict you from using your core muscle strength in your abdomen
  • Some state that using these belts may lead to weak abdominal muscles

The best weightlifting belts

1. X-Small Leather Weightlifting Belt

X-Small Leather Weight Belt Weight Lifing Back Support Weiggt Belt Workout Belt Taining Belt Weight Lifting Women Belt Weight Left Belt Leather Weight Lifting Belt Weight Lifting Womens Belt Padded

X-Small is the best weightlifting belt for women. X-Small weightlifting belt made of soft suede leather is comfortable and gives the required support to the abdomen. The belt comes with adjustable metal buckles, for a comfortable fit. An x-small leather weight belt is perfect for people with waist size – 22” to 27”. Apart from providing support to the abdomen, it also makes weightlifting workouts easier and safer.


  • checkBest of everyday weight lifting
  • checkWomen and men with small waist size can easily protect their spine
  • checkThe leather is durable and rigid


  • May not be best for heavy weight lifting
  • Some may find this leather weightlifting belt to be too rigid

2. Flexz Lever Weight Lifting Belt

 Flexz Fitness Lever Buckle Powerlifting Belt 10mm Weight Lifting Black Large

The Flexz Lever Weight Lifting Belt is an innovation made for the fitness enthusiasts. Both man and woman can wear this belt. The quality material, solid steel buckle, artificial leather and soft inner lining makes this belt perfect for heavy weight lifting. If you want to keep yourself away from injuries during weightlifting, this belt could be your best bet.


  • check Made with excellent quality material and excellent finishing
  • checkDoes not affect the skin and gives optimum skin comfort
  • checkComes in different sizes
  • checkPerfect for everyday weight lifting exercises


  • Some may find it too rigid
  • The buckle/lever may be a little complicated for some

3. Inzer Forever Lever Weight Lifting Belt

Inzer Advance Designs Forever Lever Weight Lifting Belt 10MM Medium Black Reviews Amazon

Looking for some serious weightlifting support? The Inzer Forever Weight Lifting Belt is just the thing for you. This belt may appear a little bit expensive, but it works wonders. The genuine leather and the suede finish make it quite appealing. If you are into every day squats, putting on this belt will help you support your abdomen while giving you excellent stability.


  • checkMade with excellent and superior quality material
  • checkComfortable to wear and take off
  • checkCan be adjusted for maximum tightness


  • Wearer may take some time to adapt in it
  • Some wearer may experience a pinch in the skin
  • Tightening the belt may take some effort

4. Schiek Nylon Weight Lifting Belt

Schiek Sports S-2004BK 4.75" Original Nylon Weightlifting Belt in Black Size: S (27" - 32") Reviews Amazon

If you want a lightweight weightlifting belt that provides excellent support to your abdomen muscles, you may opt for the Schiek Weight Lifting Belt. This weightlifting belt is designed with a cone shape support that keeps your lower back firm and stable. With both Velcro and stainless steel buckle, putting them on is entirely hassle-free.


  • checkVery stable and durable
  • checkThe Velcro enables one to fit it according to the requirement
  • checkThe cone-shaped design provides extra support to the lower abdomen muscle


  • This belt may be comparatively expensive
  • The Velcro may lose its adhesive quality, over the time

5. Harbinger Weight Belt

Harbinger Padded Leather Contoured Weightlifting Belt with Suede Lining and Steel Roller Buckle, 6-Inch, XX-Large Reviews Amazon

The Harbinger Weight Belt is perfect for people who are looking for multi-purpose workout belts. Made with leather and soft padding, this belt is comfortable to the skin and gives the required support to the lower back and abdomen. If you want to keep your torso away from injuries, this belt may do the trick.


  • checkThe price is perfect, and it is lightweight
  • checkGenuine leather
  • checkThe pad adds comfort, and the skin is not affected


  • Some may find the leather to be trough on the skin
  • The lightweight may result in less durability
  • May not be best for heavy weightlifting

Add excellent support to your workout plan

Building strong muscles is the next big thing. It keeps your strong and may also extend your lifespan. However, to know the right way to workout is very essential. Improper workout or exercises may lead to reverse effects, especially when heavyweight is included. This is where weightlifting belts come in handy!

If you are wondering what are weightlifting belts for, the most straightforward answer would be ‘to keep your stomach and abdomen muscles away from injuries.’ Weightlifting belts for men and women come in different shapes, sized and designs. Knowing which will suit you the best, will help you pick the right one. Go on build those muscles and keep yourself free from unwanted injuries.

Check Below Few Alternatives Of Above Weightlifting Belts:


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