Brute Force Sandbag Workout & Review

If you want to shed those extra layers and gain in some muscle, sandbags are what you need. A sandbag is low-tech workout equipment that can be used effectively at home or in the gym. They are the most convenient way of working out that makes your body fit and flexible for all your everyday physical tasks.

Taking sandbag workouts a step ahead with quality and reliability, Brute Force introduces Sandbags that are made of superior quality material. Brute Force Sandbag makes home workouts more comfortable and more effective. It is easy to use and can be used for a whole body workout.

Brute Force Sandbags are Heavy Duty Workout Sandbags for Fitness, Exercise & Crossfit with Adjustable Weights + Proudly Made in the USA
  • Eight handles for different functional pieces of training
  • Water-resistant, easy to clean
  • Handmade in Denver, Colorado
  • Undergoes 3-stage quality inspection

Size Variants

Ultimate Workout Sandbags Exercises Weights

Mini Kit

Up to 25LBS [1 Small Filler: 0-25LBS Max]

Athlete Kit

Up to 75LBS [1 Large Filler: 0-50LBS Max + 1 Small Filler: 0-25LBS Max]

Strongman Kit

Up to 150LBS [3 Large Fillers: 0-50LBS Max]


  • Quality material that does not quickly wear or tear
  • Very sturdy
  • Can be filled and emptied easily
  • 8 well-structured handles
  • Best for whole body workout


  • Slightly higher priced.
  • The big size may be a concern for petite body types.

Sandbag Workout

How To Use Brute Force Sandbags Workout Training Exercises Amazon
Brute Force Sandbag Workout

Sandbag is an unbalanced load. The sand inside the sandbags keeps shifting and moving, giving the user various exercise experiences. As the weight keeps changing within the sandbag fillers, it helps in engaging different muscles in the body, enabling the muscles to stretch and work out effectively. The body also gets trained in coordinated strength, while balancing the sandbag.

Different Sandbag Exercises

High Pulls
Brute Force Sand Bag High Pull Up Exercise

This sandbag workout helps in building the biceps, traps, and deltoids. It is excellent for footballers, wrestlers, and rowers, to create muscle!

Clean and Press
Brute Force Sandbags Workout Clean And Press Exercise

This sandbag workout helps in strengthening the hips. It also helps in getting muscular forearms.

Brute Force Sandbags Workout Deadlift Exercise

This is one of the staple exercises, best for all kinds of sport. It helps in building the hip and strengthens the hamstring muscles. ‘Deadlifts’ are ideally done with barbells, but with sandbags, you can increase the momentum.

Zercher Squat
Brute Force Sandbags Workout Zercher Squat Exercise

‘Zercher Squat’ is one of the best workouts for athletes. It helps in different kinds of body muscle workouts.

Single-Shoulder Lunge
Brute Force Sandbags Workout Single Shoulder Lunge Exercise

The ‘Single-Shoulder Lunge’ exercise is perfect for strengthening the quadriceps and hips. Athletes can implement this in their daily workout regime. The sandbag should be placed on the shoulder while performing a lounge, which enhances the body’s core strength.

Suitcase Carry
Brute Force Sandbags Workout Suitcase Carry Exercise

A lot of athletes go for sandbag ‘Suitcase Carry’ workouts. This exercise is somewhat similar to the ‘Single-Shoulder Lunge.’

Around the World
Brute Force Sandbags Workout Around The World Exercise

Usually, people use weight plates for the ‘Around the World’ exercise. Using a sandbag to do this exercise requires even higher strength. It strengthens the shoulder. This exercise is best for golfers, basketball, and baseball players.

Single-Arm Swing
Brute Force Sandbags Workout Single Arm Swing Exercise

This workout helps in enhancing the hips and the lower back.


With Brute Force Sandbag, you will feel the difference in just a few weeks. The design, the material, and the stitches reflect the quality of the materials used to manufacture Brute Force Sandbag. Use it for your everyday home workout and feel your hip, shoulders, arms, and back getting stronger with each passing day. There are no limitations to this sandbag. The best part about this sandbag is that you can clean it without any hassle. So, if you are a fitness enthusiast and love using sandbags, Brute Force Sandbag could be your best deal!

Brute Force Sandbags are available at Amazon.

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