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5 Little Habits That Will Improve Your Life

When your life starts to get a little topsy-turvy and you don’t seem to know when and how to start your day properly, it may be time for a lifestyle check-in. Perhaps you are lacking some vital habits to establish your day, like eating healthily, arriving on time for appointments, getting enough sleep – little […]

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Should You Be on the Paleo Diet?

Unless you’ve been living in a bubble these past few years, you’re surely familiar with the Paleo Diet. It has taken the diet community by storm. What exactly is the Paleo Diet? Basically, it’s supposed to mimic the way we used to eat — and by “we” I mean our ancestors, from way back when […]

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The Real Reason Why Low Carb Diets Work

It’s been over a decade since the wildly popular Atkins entered the American popular imagination. Back in 2000 to 2005, it seemed like everyone and his dog was on a low-carb diet. All sorts of otherwise sugar- or starch-intensive snacks and meals were rolled out in low-carb versions. TV talk shows frequently mentioned low-carb diet success […]

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Fat: Not the Dietary Evil You Thought It Was

Starting in the early 70s, there was a tidal wave of bad news hitting the popular media regarding the evils of fat. Study after study suggested that there was a link between high fat diets and diabetes, heart disease, and some other health problems. It seemed that subsequent studies just reinforced the earlier studies that […]

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