How to Eat Like a Horse and Still Stay Trim

Ever notice that some people manage to eat a ton of food but still manage to look trim, slim, and oh-so-sexy? Ever notice that some people seem to be snacking all the time but they still have very narrow waistlines and toned physiques? Have you ever wondered how some people eat and eat without blowing up?

If you have every felt the twinge of envy thinking of the question above, welcome to the club. The reality is that there are many people out there who can eat like horses and still avoid developing the physiques of pigs. That’s right-you can eat like a pig but still stay trim. Here are the three most common ways you can pull it off.

Eat mostly protein

Your body needs protein for tissue maintenance and regeneration. Also, if you eat mostly protein, you grow muscle not fat. While it is true that high protein meals have some fat, you can moderate the volume of the fat you eat with your high protein meals.

By sticking to a high protein diet, like beans, tofu, or soy milk, your body gets the tissue-building nutrients it needs to stay in shape while resisting the tendency to pack on the fat. Why? Assuming you cut down on carbs and focus mostly on protein, your body will burn available carbs for energy instead of protein. When your body can’t find any more carbs in your daily food intake, it will then start burning your fat stores for energy.

Even if your body starts burning muscle for energy, your high protein diet ensures that you have a steady supply of tissue-boosting nutrients so you don’t get thinner. You become more tone as your body burns the outer layer of fat stored in your body. Your muscles become more defined due to this toning process. The best part of cutting down the carbs and ramping up the protein in your diet is you can eat lots of yummy filling protein and not have to worry about packing on the weight.

Eat to feel full

Did you know that if you cut down on what you eat, you end up psychologically ‘starving’ yourself? Eventually, your mind gets the best of you and you end up gorging. Many people who go on diets find out the hard way that their mind ‘gets back’ at them when they consciously limit their portions. You might be able to pull back on the portions but eventually your will power breaks down and you end up eating more than you ate before.

Instead of holding back, eat to feel full instead. As long as you follow the other tips in this list, gorging early in the day can actually give you lots of energy and keep you full throughout the day.

Skip dinner

After lunch, your body starts winding down. Indeed, your metabolism truly slows down as you get closer to bedtime. Use this to your advantage by enjoying a very big breakfast, a decent lunch, and skipping dinner. When you skip dinner, you aren’t ingesting calories precisely at the time your body is most ill equipped to turn dinner calories into energy. This way, your body continues burning calories and you can eventually achieve a net negative calorie state. This state is needed for your body to start burning your stored fat for energy.

Keep the tips above in mind if you’re trying to eat more of what you like. Eating a lot doesn’t have to mean exploding your waistline. You just have to eat strategically.


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