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My Honest Lindywell Pilates Review: 3 Years and Counting!

In a world where we never seem to have enough time, quick home workouts have been on the rise, along with the era of home workout programs like Lindywell Pilates. This Lindywell Pilates review is particularly close to my heart as Pilates has had an incredible impact on my life over the past 3 years.

I can attest to the wonders of Pilates and in particular, Robin Long at Lindywell (formerly known as The Balanced Life Sisterhood) for my attitude and mindset shift that has helped me in my recovery from burnout.

Now there’s not a week that goes by where you won’t see me rolling out my mat at least 3-5 days a week. Pilates with Robin Long has become my happy place and a habit I am happy to admit to and eager to share!

Disclosure: Lindywell has a referral program for first-time customers. By purchasing once you click on any of the links in my post, you will receive a $20 discount on your membership and so will I. It’s a win-win! Once you join you will receive your own referral link to share with your friends. This is not a paid post, all opinions and experiences are my own.

What is Pilates?

Since the explosion of YouTube and the ability to do workouts from home, Pilates was suddenly no longer reserved for the rich and famous. Lady Gaga, Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock…just to name a few…swear by pilates and the wonders it does for the core and supporting muscles.

Pilate is a low-impact workout that focuses on strengthening and toning the core and supporting muscles. Indeed, with slow, deliberate movements, it doesn’t take a lot to notice you’re working and feel the results the next day.

Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise that builds core strength and restores posture & mobility. In as little as 15 minutes a day you can renew your energy and build strength!

Not only does Pilates provide a workout but the results reach further than just toned abs and arms. Strengthening the core has led to no more back pain for me (after needing to go to the chiropractor every month). It has also strengthened my back and done wonders for my neck and posture.

The ‘Grace Over Guilt’ Philosophy

All of this contributes to the holistic nature of Pilates and everything that Robin Long at Lindywell stands for. Robin has a grace over guilt approach to exercise and healthy living which I love.

Grace over guilt can completely transform the relationship you have with your body, exercise and eating well. How does this look? Well, some weeks you may get out your mat every day. Other weeks you might skip a couple of days due to things like family commitments, a date or tiredness after a long day of meetings. Missing these workouts could lead us to beat ourselves up and begin the downward spiral towards giving up. Instead, we have freedom in our fitness.

Choosing a grace over guilt approach allows us to stay motivated and not give up.

Robin Long Pilates Review:

What is Lindywell Pilates with Robin Long?

Lindywell (formerly known as The Balanced Life Sisterhood) was founded by Robin Long as a way to teach and empower women around the world to embrace whole body wellness in their everyday routines.

Robin is all about helping women find balance; challenging them to progress and get the results they desire no matter how busy they may be.

Once you start you’ll realise why so many people are captivated by Robin’s positive and calming teaching style.

Robin is the Lead Pilates Instructor at Lindywell, but in 2022 she took on 3 additional instructors – Sheri, Becca, and Kaita. This was a big win for members. Not only did 3 additional instructors result in even more great workouts, but each of the instructors brought their unique skills, expertise and mindset to encourage and equip the community.

I started my Pilates journey back when I had two young children and very little time to call my own. Lindywell provides a pre-populated workout calendar every month with short well planned workouts. No planning is needed! That’s what sold it to me.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are short 10-15min workouts while Tuesdays and Thursdays are longer 25-30min workouts. Furthermore, every month Robin Long releases a new workout video which repeats every Thursday of that month.

I first heard about Pilates from a friend who sent me the link to a new 7-day challenge that was about to start. Always one to take up a challenge I completed it and from there I’ve never looked back!

Lindywell pilates review. What you’ll find in the Lindywell Workout Library within the Membership Area

Who is Pilates Suitable For?

One of the major strengths of Pilates is that it is a low-impact form of exercise. This makes it a great option for the majority of people.

From new mums, young professionals, elderly or injured professionals, the strengthening and stretching nature of Pilates is very inclusive. Even for men. In fact, Pilates was invented and named after a man named Joseph Pilates back in the 1920’s.

In a world where a lot of us are working on our computers or bent over our smartphones, ‘tech neck’ is on the rise. Pilates combat this with workouts focusing on posture and strengthening the neck and back muscles.

Robin mentions in a number of her workouts, “when your spine is stiff, you are old. If your spine is flexible, you are young” The flexibility and mobility that Pilates provides can be truly transformational.

What do you get when joining Lindywell Pilates with Robin Long?

Besides the fun, focused daily Pilates workouts, you will have access to:

  • The members Facebook group
  • A calendar with workouts pre-planned for each day of the month (with the weekend off)
  • An excellent recipe hub with new recipes added monthly
  • Searchable workout library
  • Downloadable App for Apple & Android
  • Regular pilates challenges
  • Regular podcasts

Lindywell offers a fun, enjoyable Pilates experience to the convenience of your own home. Plus, Lindywell continually add value for their members with new challenges, recipes and workouts from the new instructors.

Why not give it a go and see for yourself?

Lindywell Pilates Review:

10 Reasons Why I Love Lindywell Pilates by Robin Long

For this Lindywell Pilates review I thought I would narrow down the pros to 10 reasons:

1) Flexible & Adaptable

Lindywell can be as flexible or structured as you need it to be. The preset calendar is a great guidance tool for some and a strict plan to follow for others. Robin’s grace over guilt approach leaves room for flexibility while not being too open-ended. Robin is also excellent at offering modifications during a workout, providing different ways to still get a workout that caters to people’s abilities or fitness levels.

2) Varied Length of Workouts

Lindywell provides workouts from 10mins up to 30mins in length. Perfect for those days when you just want to squeeze a workout in vs days when you have more time to focus on completing a more comprehensive workout.

3) Done-for-you Workout Plan

The calendar which provides a consistent done-for-you model each month is absolute GOLD! The workout library categorizes workouts based on the length of time as well as areas of the body you want to work.

4) Encouraging Sisterhood

Members of Lindywell receive access to the online Facebook community. This incredibly supportive and encouraging group is a wonderful way to stay motivated and ask any questions you might have.

5) Workout in the Comfort of Your Own Home

There are so many benefits of being able to complete a Pilates workout at home…convenience, time management, fuel savings (not having to drive to and from a gym or studio), just to name a few. Pilates makes a great addition to your fitness and cardio routine.

6) No Expensive Equipment Needed

All you need is a pilates mat or a towel if you don’t even have that. Robin is great at providing alternatives (such as cans or tins of food) if any of her workouts do require weights, so you don’t need to invest in anything to start Pilates. Not even sports clothing if you’re working out in the comfort of your own home!

In case you are wondering, there is a difference between a pilates and yoga mat! You can read all about it in my post pilates vs yoga mat.

If you are looking to purchase additional aids for your Pilates workouts then a good pilates mat, foam roller and pilates ball are some good options to consider.

You can read my review of the best pilates foam roller here.

Robin Long Pilates Review. Robin doing pilates on the beach

7) Soothing Workouts on the Beach

Robin films all of her workouts on the beach near where she lives in Santa Barbara. There’s something soothing and tranquil about the sound of waves and beach scenery when completing a workout.

8) The Results!

It won’t be long after you start Pilates that you will start to notice results. Whether you find yourself sitting straighter, your core muscles contracting or your waistline reducing, pilates will bring results. With the bonus of not having to sweat through a 60 min high-intensity workout!

9) The Lindywell Coaches

Robin and the other coaches are so positive and super encouraging. In Robin’s workouts, she encourages people to listen to their bodies and adapt the workout to what feels right for them. Her iconic saying at the end of each workout is “You’re done for the day!” which is always a nice note to end on.

10) User friendly Lindywell App

The app is user-friendly and practical, enabling you to take your workout and recipe bank anywhere.


Will 20 Minutes of Pilates Make a Difference?

When considering one 60min workout verses 3 or more 15-20min workouts a week, the three shorter workouts are much more likely to yield results – hands down! Why? Because it’s all about consistency and routine.

Results come from a consistent workout routine, day after day, week after week. Whether that’s 3 workouts or 7 workouts a week, if it’s manageable and you can commit to the routine, then you’re more likely to continue and incorporate it into your everyday life.

“Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity”

Bruce Lee

How Long After Doing Pilates Will I See Results?

This depends entirely on how often you do Pilates, but Robin put this to the test herself after having her twins. She did a short, 10min Pilates workout every day for 30 days. At the end of 30 days she noticed an increase in her energy, improved strength & wellbeing, and drop in her weight. Robin also found herself committed to her new routine and motivated to continue.

Anywhere from three to eight weeks is a good guideline for when to expect to see results in your strength and core stability. However, even sooner than this you will begin to notice an improvement in your mood and mindset!

Conclusion: Lindywell Pilates Review

I take such pleasure in writing this Robin Long pilates review after 3 years of being in the programme. So many women can relate to Robin’s grace over guilt approach to fitness and healthy living which I believe is key to her success. I love that just 15 minutes of Pilates a day can stretch and strengthen my body and brighten my mood. And best of all, anyone can do it!

If you’re ready for a change to your fitness and wellness routine, I encourage you to give Lindywell a go. Trust me, you won’t look back!

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