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man doing a pull up. pull up benefits include upper body strength

Top 10 Pull Up Benefits That Will Change Your Physique

If you want to become a healthier and stronger version of yourself, it can be difficult to understand the benefits of certain exercises. Pull up benefits, weightlifting or cardio, every exercise works on specific muscle groups (some multiple muscle groups). When combining different exercises you’re on your way to creating an extremely effective workout regime.

Starting a new regime can be challenging if you’re not sure what kind of exercises you should be doing to target specific muscle groups. We can overlook many simple exercises that are actually very beneficial.

It’s a common myth that the more intense an exercise is, the better it is for our body. That’s not necessarily the case. Pull ups are a prime example of this. Lifting your own body weight might seem too specific but pull ups benefit much more than just arms.

I want to explain 10 pull up benefits that you can try for yourself:

1. Pull ups are a Compound Exercise

When you look at someone doing pull ups, it’s clear that using your arms is an important factor in getting the workout done. What many people fail to realize is that all the muscles are benefitted while doing pull ups.

Most of the time, we do various workouts to tone our biceps, triceps, back, forearms, wrists, lats, core, and shoulders. But doing a pull up works all of these muscles at once, making it a compound exercise.

Instead of doing multiple exercises, the pull up is convenient especially if you are running short on time.

Wide grip pull-ups are more difficult

2. Alternate Form of Cardio

Many people instantly think of running, walking, or cycling when it comes to shedding a couple of pounds. These types of exercises are called cardio workouts; they get your heart pumping and sweat flowing.

Check our article: Cardio vs Strength Training for a more in depth overview on why to incorporate both into your workout.

Surprisingly enough, another pull up benefit is that pull ups are another form of cardio if you are not a fan of being on a treadmill or bike for thirty minutes. Due to the difficulty level, pull ups take an extra level of energy and force to complete. This causes the heart rate to increase, hence the cardio.

Allowing your heart rate to increase will make your heart become stronger which is important to enhance physical performance.

As the heart becomes stronger, it enables more efficient blood flow and give muscles the oxygen it needs to perform and function better.

In addition, this lowers blood pressure, helps prevents heart and artery disease, and slows down the resting heart rate.

3. Increase Your Stamina

As you consistently exercise, your stamina will increase. This means you’ll become more resistant to your workouts whether it’s running or lifting weights.

The reason why it’s so important to build stamina with each workout session is because you’ll get stronger and stronger and be closer to achieving your health goals.

Due to the physical challenge, pull ups benefit and impact your body’s stamina with each pull. It might look straightforward but there is a high amount of pressure that is put on the upper body.

As mentioned, pull ups are a great way to make your heart stronger and as it becomes stronger, your stamina increases.

Your heart is the root to all physical strength as it paces your breathing and gives you the oxygen flow your muscles need.

4. Reverse Muscular Imbalance

When planning an exercise regime, it’s important to work all muscles to create a balanced workout. For newbies it can be difficult to figure out which exercises to include. There might be times when a muscle is being overworked and you might not know it.

When it comes to working the upper body, alternating pull and push movements is a good idea (which is where pull up benefits play a part).

If you’re doing too many workouts that require you to push, it can result in posture problems due to a weak back. Pull-ups are perfect to reverse this issue because it focuses on strengthening your back and therefore reduces the chance of injury.

5. Easy To Change

Pull ups are one of those exercises where you change the intensity by changing yourself. You don’t necessarily need any other weights unless you feel like strapping one around your waist.

Besides that, there are many forms of pull ups you can do that will hit various muscles through minor changes. Based on the position of your hands and their distance apart, it completely changes the difficulty level and works different muscles.

Pull up vs Chin up: The standard pull up is done with an overhand grip and palms shoulder width apart. Then there are chin ups that are done with an underhand grip which focuses more on the biceps.

There are many more types of hand positions, like close-grip and wide-grip, that can target different muscles without adjusting the weight.

6. Stronger Back = Less Pain

One of the main pull up benefits is that it target many muscles in the upper body – the most critical one being the back.

Exercising the back might not seem like a priority, since most people go for the core or legs, but having a strong back is essential.

Having a chiseled back isn’t just to impress but good for your health. The stronger your back, the better your posture, which will decrease the chances of slouching.

In addition, back pain can be caused due to a weak back, so make sure you get your pull ups and chin ups in!

7. Cross Strengthening

Pull ups allows you to build strength that is beneficial to other weight training workouts. Since pull ups target many different muscles in the upper body, doing pulldowns, rows, and curls will become much easier for you.

Additionally, the strength you gain pulling your body weight will cross over to pushing exercises. So as you get stronger doing pull ups, you’ll also get stronger doing pushing exercises like barbell bench presses.

8. The Stronger the Grip, the Stronger You Become

We grab onto things in our everyday life, from cups, our phones, and now, weights. With pull ups, your grip will become stronger due to the consistent strength needed to pull your weight up.

If you’re thinking about any other type of exercise that can possibly improve your grip, think no further because pull ups are the best. Now grip strength might sound a little ridiculous but it’s necessary when it comes to training.

You hold onto free weights, barbells, and exercise machines, so having a stable grip will make your workout much easier and help you lift more.

9. Fat Loss Increase

We usually start working out to shed a few pounds or to gain strength or fitness. Like many exercises, the benefits of pull ups will help you get closer to that ideal body you’re striving for.

As you start out, you’re pulling your own bodyweight. This makes pull ups one of the best bodyweight exercises to lose that upper body fat and give you a more defined body.

If you want to lose that stubborn fat in your upper body, pull ups are a must. This is a workout that will target many areas including the chest, arms, shoulders, biceps, and triceps.

Of course, an easy way to burn more calories is to intensify your pull up regime. You can either do more reps at a time, more sets, add weights or simply rest less in between each set.

10. It’s Convenient!

The many reasons people don’t exercise is because there isn’t enough time in their day to do so. When it comes to pull ups there is no excuse because it is one of the most convenient workouts you can do anywhere.

If you have a gym membership then there’s easy access for you to start your pull-up workout anytime; if you don’t, there are many pull up alternatives.

Nowadays there are parks that set up small workout stations for their residents. All you need to do is be on a lookout for one. Even if your local park does not have these exercise stations then you can use something as simple as a tree.

If it’s too cold outside then there are many portable pull-up bars that you can buy at sporting stores. Regardless, all you need is a stable pull-up bar stand that is able to support your weight and both of your arms!



As simple as pull ups seem, it turns out they can be much more challenging. Besides that, these pull up exercises have many more benefits than what meets the eye.

I’m sure you’ve seen people do pull ups and thought about the strength they are gaining in their arms. However it’s the additional health factors they are working towards also. Even though pull-ups might seem like a challenge now, it doesn’t mean that will always be the case.

Remember, these are just 10 of dozens of pull up benefits. So start today and gain those benefits that come along with it!