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rewiring your brain

Rewiring your Brain

We were taught to believe a few basic things about working out. The thing is, times are changing and more information than ever is at our fingertips.

Perhaps old information wasn’t as accurate, or scientifically based. Whatever the case, some things are just plain wrong. So instead of basing your life on inaccuracy, check this out and try to wrap your brain around it. What if I told you that establishing a workout routine based on calories burned is not helpful to you at all? Would you tell me I’m crazy, or would you consider it?

Well, ladies and gents, welcome to the future.

Stop Counting Calories

Many people base their workout routines on how many calories they want to burn during that particular session. Some go as far as altering their diets to coincide with a particular routine so that they burn X amount of calories per week, believing that this helps them stay within a certain body weight.

Fitness gurus have been pondering whether always having calories on the brain actually stunts your workout routine. They suggest focusing on the actual workout, other than how many calories you wish to burn in a particular session.

Another major problem with the calorie theory is, that these folks rely on exercise alone for weight loss, they need to account for other aspects of their life when trying to lose weight.

Be Happy

Exercise definitely plays a part in weight loss and staying in shape, but it is not the only factor and will not be successful all by itself.

Workout routines are very important to stick to, but they cannot exist without a sensible diet. Counting calories isn’t all bad, it can help individuals realize just how much of what food they are consuming. Studies suggest that individuals are more mindful of what they are eating if they have guidelines to follow.

However, utilizing that same method as a means to work out just isn’t wholly effective. Working out to burn a certain amount of calories usually discourages people that cannot stick to a high calorie-burning routine. This can distract from the rewards of working out and feeling good.

Change is Good

There are several replacement techniques for counting calories. Instead, try using a fitness app on your phone, or even researching what may work best for you.

One thing that we know isn’t going to work, is a discouragement. No one is going to win if you are set on burning a certain amount of calories and just cannot reach that goal yet. Work out routines are meant to be fun and rewarding, and they can be if you set your eyes on the prize.

If you absolutely must count your calories, try adding them up at the end of the week and set weekly goals. These are easier to keep and aren’t as discouraging.


Always remember that weight loss starts in the kitchen and ends with you. As long as you are dedicated to eating healthy and doing your best during your own established workout routines, you will be fine.

Just try to remember to stop counting calories and start counting on yourself to do bigger and better things without worrying about counting invisible numbers.

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