Best Rowing Machines for Home Workouts

What’s the Best Rowing Machine?

If you’re looking for a terrific all-around full-body workout, then choosing a rowing machine is the best option. We researched five rowers for more than 10 hours. We tested the top four options with 5 fitness enthusiasts and performed a head-to-head challenge between our top two picks. Then we found the Model D to be the best overall rowing machine out there today. Rowing Machine is simple to use, provides an incredible workout, and burns a lot of calories.

The Best Rowing Machine Reviews

ModelWeightUser WeightPrice
Concept2 Model D57 Kg500 Lb$$$$
Natural WaterRower53 Kg1000 Lb$$$
Stamina 1205 Precision Rower46 Kg250 Lb$$$
Stamina 1050 Body Trac Glider39 Kg250 Lb$$$
Stamina Air Rower55 Kg250 Lb$$$
Kettler Coach 2 Rower55 Kg285 Lb$$$

Advantages of Using a Rowing Machine

I have Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine in which I am working out for about five years. I have found it to be truly one of the best exercise equipment to improve your overall health.

A good rowing machine will benefit you with few things mentioned below.

  1. Rowing Machine provides an all-body workout, exercising multiple muscles in your body.
  2. It’s “fun” and engaging exercise, you’ll not suffer much “fatigue” (i.e. boredom) like on a treadmill or any other equipment.
  3. It’ll help you to lose fat and gain muscles, which makes pretty good combination when it comes to exercise equipment.

Here are some more rowing machine’s benefits.

  • Rowing Machine burns calories a lot – Did you know that a 50-minute rowing session can burn nearly 1,200 calories? That’s twice as many calories burned that you’d get from a spinning class.
  • Rowing Machine gives all-body workout – When using a rowing machine, you’ll get workout for your entire body: lats, upper back, deltoids, triceps, calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, abs, obliques, pecs, and biceps. When I’m working on my rower, I can feel all these different muscles function.
  • Elevates heart rate – When you’re getting a good rowing machine workout, your heart rate will be elevated — and that’s certainly a good thing. It’s no different than rowing machine exercises, as you’re effectively doing a leg press, deadlift, and a row with every single rep of the machine.

Types of Rowing Machines

When you’re shopping for a rowing machine, it all comes down to the resistance type. The resistance of the machine accomplishes two things:

  1. The more resistance you have, obviously, the more intense the workout will be.
  2. With more resistance, you get more realistic “experience” of actually rowing across the water.

Let’s quickly go over the four most common resistance types:

  • Air resistant- These are the most popular types of a rowing machine, and probably the ones you’ve seen at your local gym. It’s also the resistant type found on the Concept2 Model D rowing machines. When you pull the handle toward you, the spinning flywheel is activated into motion, which is where the machine draws its force from. So the harder you pull on that handle, the greater the resistance becomes. The best thing about this resistance type is that you are in control of your own workout. If you want an intense rowing machine workout, then pull that handle as hard as you can. If you’re looking to take it a little lighter, then ease up a bit. Whether you’re an intermediate or advanced rower, an air resistant model is perfect for you.
  • Water-resistant- A water rowing machine is designed of course to mimic the actual motion of rowing over water. Water-resistant rowing machines are recommended for the more advanced rowers. They can be on the difficult end of the intensity spectrum. The harder you pull the handle, the harder the resistance. There’s an audible feature to these models as well, as when you pull the handle, the machine makes a wave-like motion as if you are rowing over water.
  • Piston resistant- These rower types are generally reserved for those without a lot of rowing experience. They are on the smaller (easier to store) and cheaper side, though they still provide a great workout. A piston resistant rower has two hydraulic pistons attached to each pole. This design is intended to make the user achieve a balanced upper-body workout. Both Stamina rowing machines that we recommend use piston resistance.
  • Magnetic resistant- A magnetic rower is the most basic of all the rower types on the market. These are inexpensive, small, simple rowing machines with a long seat and a brake system. A magnetic rower not only makes lot of noise but also doesn’t offer a lot in the way of friction. You may not get as good of a workout as you would with the other types.

Things to Consider

  • Space- Some rowers are much bulkier than others. Be sure to check the size specs of whichever unit you’re considering. The Concept2 Model D rowing machines, for example, measures about 8’0” x 2’0” x 2’4” and weighs around 57 pounds.
  • Skill level- As mentioned above, different types of rowers are built for different types of advanced skills. Don’t buy an advanced rower if you’re not ready, as you’ll only become frustrated that you aren’t able to effectively use the machine. On the other hand, if your skill level is pretty good, don’t buy a beginner’s rower, as the workout will be too easy for you. Be sure to check out our rowing machine reviews, as well as the customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Price- Everyone wants to find a rower in their budget. Luckily, there is a pretty wide budget gap in today’s rowers, ranging from $100 to nearly $1,000.

A Quick Word About Mats

If you’re going to buy 50+ kg rowing machines, maybe you’ll also want to invest in a mat. Make sure to pick a sturdy and durable one.

Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine

The Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine is our pick as the runaway best-in-class rowing machine available today. The Model D is beloved by fitness buffs and professional rowers. You’re likely to find it in nearly every hometown gym across America.

Amazon reviewers seem to agree, as this machine has an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 and more than 4500 customer reviews (when you factor in reviews of the previous model).


The Concept2 Model D rowing machine immediately stands out with its build quality and versatility. What’s nice about this machine is the even rowing and smooth sliding seat motion. It allows your upper and lower body to efficiently work their muscles at the same time.

Our testers commented on just how natural the whole rowing motion feels. Next, the adjustable footrests: we found that they accommodate any variety of different shape shoes or sizes, and are quite comfortable to slip into.

concept2-model-d-women Rowing Machine

What about the handle? Well, it’s ergonomically designed to deliver a firm, secure grip throughout your exercise routine.

My hands get particularly sweaty when I workout, and I had no issues with grip. As for storing the Model D, the unit features a quick-release, no tools required frame lock, making it quite easy to separate into two separate pieces for storage or transport.

I personally store mine in my basement closet when I need to move it for when we have guests over.

The durable caster wheels on the bottom of the unit make it convenient for traveling.

Model D has a 500-pound capacity and comes with a 5-year warranty on the frame.


I could list the pros of this machine all day, but we’ll stick with the basics here.

  1. Model D is extremely well-made.
  2. It has an aluminum monorail frame that’s capped with high-grade stainless steel. This design and materials ensure the smooth, gliding motion that makes this unit famous.
  3. The flywheel design also provides a smooth motion while lowering noise during your rowing machine workout; the rower is quiet when in use, best for watching a game or TV show while you’re working out.
  4. Another nice touch is the spiral damper which allows adjustment of the airflow to the flywheel, helping to easily find the right setting for any session.
  5. The Model D ships with a “performance monitor” screen that’s bolted to the machine; the monitor provides easy to see, accurate data during every second of your time spent rowing.
  6. And then there’s the seat: a 14 inch low profile seated rowing machine that’s both extremely comfortable and quite stable while exercising, and which our testers singled out as one of their favorite design features on the machine.

Personally speaking, I’ve used Model D as my at-home rowing machine for more than five years now. I’ve never had a single issue with it and it’s the best indoor rowing machine I’ve ever used.

More than that, it’s an absolute joy to use. Typically, I use Model D about three times per week, for around 45 minutes per session. I find it to be a challenging workout, and our testers agreed.

I’m in pretty good shape, yet I’ve always felt challenged using it – there are enough resistance levels to please everyone here, even beginners, so don’t be intimidated if this is your first machine.

Just as important, I’ve also never gotten bored using this rower – which is a big thing when you’re talking about a piece of fitness equipment, since boredom is often a problem that leads to people stop exercising.

I always feel engaged and excited about my next rowing machine workout.


As I mentioned, the first thing you’ll notice about the Model D is how impressively well-built it is; you can tell right out of the box that this machine was designed to last you for years.

The build quality is second to none. A lot of people get startled at the $900 price tag – including me when I was first shopping for a machine – but if it lasts you 5-10 years, then it starts to become an investment of sorts.

Because once you start using it, you’ll see how durable and comfortable it is.

I mentioned the “personal monitor” before – it displays all kinds of detailed information for how your workout is going.

The monitor has a nice resolution (160 x 160 pixels) so you can clearly see your progress, and best of all, it stores your workout history on a USB card that you can then upload onto MyFitnessPal, which is a pretty killer feature.

Our testers specifically pointed out this feature as a great way to build and maintain momentum while exercising; keeping track of your goals and progress is vital to sustaining the motivation needed to stay fit, so we definitely recommend utilizing this feature.


Next, the Model D is known for its ease of use, and it does not disappoint. You can adjust the cord resistance to whichever level you feel comfortable, and the machine will provide the necessary amount of friction to work nearly every muscle in the body.

Another thing to mention is the seat – a part of the machine this is often overlooked – because the seated rowing machine is shaped to enhance your comfort as you sit on the machine, and is perfectly positioned so that you can watch TV if you like during your workouts.

With this rowing machine, you can expect to lose up to 1,000 calories per hour, depending on your fitness level, age, gender, and a couple of other factors.

So it’s a fun rowing machine workout that you can do in the comfort of your own home – while watching TV – while burning a ton of calories and working nearly every muscle in your body.


  1. There were some consumers on Amazon who reported this unit taking up more space within their home than expected, so be sure you measured out your space where you plan on putting it before you actually buy it.
  2. Other customers also expressed a desire for better instructions for assembling the product, and we tend to agree. While it wasn’t difficult per set to assemble, it was a bit of a chore, and it would have been much easier with more detailed, clearer instructions on how to use a rowing machine.
  3. And of course, depending on your budget, $900 could simply make this unit too expensive.

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

WaterRower_Natural Rowing Machine

If the Concept2 Model D rowing machines have any competition as the market as the standout rowing machine, it surely comes from the WaterRower.


Having a specially designed flywheel situated within an enclosed water tank, I find the WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine provides an instinctive and realistic workout session for me every time.

The use of water inside the tank for the resistance pressure delivers an authentic “on the water” rowing experience during my workout.

I like series 4, performance monitor, with its ability to track the intensity level, stroke rate, and other statistics throughout my exercise session. The S4 gives me accurate feedback on my heart rate, stroke rate, workout intensity, duration, and distance rowed.

With the S4 monitor, I receive an accurate reading of my heart rate and other statistics throughout my workout even when there is a lot of forceful movement that can cause other monitors to provide less than accurate feedback.

Likewise, with the ability to track my zone and stroke rate I can precisely control the effectiveness of my exercise session every time.

Having a heavy-duty wood frame construction, the WaterRower Natural Machine Ash S4 can handle my lengthy and rugged workouts.

The meticulously designed solid ash, stained honey oak construction helps to diminish noise and vibration in my environment during my training.

The WaterRower with S4 is 84 inches wide x 21 inches high x 22 inches deep and weighs 53 Kgs. It comes with a 1-year warranty on the frame and components.

The warranty can be upgraded to a full 5 years on the frame and 3 years on the components by simply completing the rowing machine registration form.


  1. I enjoyed the ability to set the WaterRower to the resistance I desire by simply adding to or removing water from the tank.
  2. This gave me time to adjust to the machine and learn the unique movements required without pushing myself to the limit with the highest resistance when first using a machine.
  3. As I became more accustomed to the WaterRower machine, I gradually increased the amount of water in the tank for each workout session.

This not only allowed the muscles and ligaments of my body time to adjust but eventually enabled me to achieve my current goal of peak performance.

Another thing I really like about the WaterRower machine is the comfortable padded seating that comes with the product. I have used other seated row machines where the seat was quite uncomfortable especially during intense workouts.

The seated row machine is well designed to allow free movement with no restraint yet padded enough to prevent any discomfort throughout long workout sessions.

With its maximum weight capacity of 1,000 pounds, the WaterRower machine with an S4 monitor can handle my most intense workouts. The sturdy dual-rail construction of the WaterRower machine provides a stable workout for me even during intense portions of my routine.

The design also makes it simple to store the WaterRower by simply flipping it upright into a corner of the room. The innovative 4 corner wheels of the seat increase the strength and stability when using the device.

Concept2 Model D vs WaterRower

I like the WaterRower Natural Machine S4 for its durability and precision. Over the years I have had the opportunity to use and test many different rowing machines which left me with an unshakeable preference for one particular machine.

It was a close decision, yet for me, the Concept 2 Model D is a rowing machine that is slightly better in a few areas than the WaterRower S4. Honestly, I find the 2 rowing machines to be nearly equal in features and advantages.

However, there are certain characteristics that I find are a little better with the Concept 2 rowing machine.

One of the features that cause me to slightly prefer the Concept 2 rower is the actual design and function of the rowing mechanism.

Concept 2 uses an actual chain for the torque and pull against the flywheel while the WaterRower S4 uses a strap to move the mechanism when rowing.

While Concept 2 does make more noise when rowing, for me it is a more secure experience I feel during my workouts.

I find the louder sound made by Concept 2 actually gives me something to gauge how intensely I am pushing myself with each stroke. I like having this audible feedback especially during the most intense portion of my workout.

Since I spend a lot of time exercising on the machine, the better sound feedback feature is moderately important to me for feeling like I am getting the most out of my workouts.

Though not as much the feeling of actually rowing on the water like the WaterRower machine, I guess you could say I slightly prefer the strength and durability of the Concept 2 over that of the WaterRower S4 machine.

Concept 2 has an overall design I like a little better than the WaterRower machine. Concept 2 is minutely tilted forward giving me the feel of real rowing experience. Having a slightly forward-leaning position while exercising provides a more intense workout for my legs than the WaterRower machine.

I find this provides a more realistic rowing experience while strengthening my legs more efficiently at the same time.


In a word: Cost. The WaterRower machine is definitely on the expensive side, which is out of range for a lot of folks. We also felt a small issue with the footrest, which felt not the best quality of materials.

The other feature we were slightly disappointed with was regarding the computer monitor, which is not as advanced as the one on the Concept2.

Stamina 1205 Rowing Machine

stamina_1205_precision Rowing Machine

The Stamina 1205 is another terrific option on the rowing machine market and is our pick as the best “value” rower out there today. It’s not an air-resistant rower but it still does the job.


The Precision Rower has some nice features working in its favor: a smooth hydraulic cylinder action, with adjustable tension control, and a deluxe ball-bearing system are a few that check the boxes off the bat.

The Precision Rower also has a multifunction fitness monitor that allows easy viewing and tracking of speed, distance, stroke count, and more during your workout time.

What about the seat? Well, it’s a thick padded seated rowing machine that our testers found to be quite comfortable and sturdy, while I found the pivoting footplates to be both versatile and comfortable during my workout.

The Stamina 1205 weighs 47 Kgs and has a 5-year warranty on the frame and a 90-day warranty on parts.


  1. Let’s talk positives first: the Precision Rower runs on a precision ball-bearing system; our testers found this to have smooth motion and a dependably stable workout nearly every time.
  2. Also, the foam-covered grips and adjustable hydraulic cylinders really did make for a comfortable and realistic rowing motion – our testers felt like they were really going through a real “rowing” action, which makes for an enjoyable experience.
  3. We mentioned the multifunction fitness monitor, which keeps accurate track of your distance, time, speed, count of stroke and calories burned; this allows users to set attainable goals for their routine and keep track of their progress, which, as we mentioned previously, is crucial in being able to maintain the motivation necessary to become physically fit.
  4. Our testers also believe that this machine is well-constructed. The heavy-duty aluminum beam and silver steel frame deliver a secure and dependable foundation for intense training. And the whisper-quiet pistons provide a silent session every time, which is always a plus.
  5. I personally used this rower for about three weeks during my testing period and came away extremely impressed. First off, you simply cannot beat the value proposition here — under $225 for this rower is a pretty great deal, and makes for a great option for those shoppers in this price range.
  6. Best of all, it really does provide an excellent workout, and even though I’m in pretty good shape, I was breathing hard after my first 30 minutes were up. The build quality of this machine really stands out as well — not as good as the Concept2, mind you — but solid, stable, and it stays in place when you’re moving on it.
  7. What’s nice about the Precision Rower is that it’s a very quiet rower; you can watch TV at normal volume while using it no problem.
  8. Another great feature is the seat on this machine — you can get in a full session and never feel any discomfort, which is a huge selling point. It also offers many different adjustment levels in power, from beginner to expert.
  9. Now, will you get as smooth a workout as you would on the Concept2 model? No, probably not — but that’s the nearly $700 difference right there.


  1. There were reports by some Amazon consumers of difficulty on how to use a rowing machine.
  2. Some buyers said that the rower takes up a little extra space inside their home.
  3. While not a “con” per se, this Stamina rower machine – and the unit directly below – are piston-resistant rowing machines, which are perfectly fine but don’t’ quite provide the same experience as an air-resistant model.

Stamina 1050 Rowing Machine

stamina_1050_rowing Machine

The Stamina 1050 is our choice for those in the market for a rowing machine under $150. It’s an excellent bang for your buck and can get the job done. The Body Trac Glider is one of the best-selling rowing machines on the market.


The Body Trac Glider is similar to the Precision Rower in that it’s a piston-resistant rowing machine, with the added option of adjustable gas-shock resistance which our testers noted provided an even and smooth workout.

Being on the inexpensive side, it has durable heavy-duty steel frame construction making it long-lasting.

The Precision Rower also comes with an attached monitor that keeps track of a variety of details including the time, stroke counts, and calories burned during your workout in a rowing machine. This rower isn’t on the larger side, so it’s simple to fold for easy storage or transport.

It measures 46 inches long x 23.5 inches wide and weighs 39 kgs. The Precision Rower comes with a one-year warranty on the frame of the unit, and a 90-day warranty on parts.


  1. The multifunction fitness monitor makes it simple to know how far to push your workouts, which is a great feature.
  2. Displaying the sum in a rotating fashion for six seconds each, this unit tracks time, total machines stroke count, stroke count during your exercise routine and calories burned during your current row machine workouts, to name a few.
  3. Other things I like about the Precision Rower is the contoured padded seat, heavy-duty frame, and 250-pound capability.
  4. My sister owns this machine, so I’ve got great use out of it when I go over to her house. She’s not into fitness quite as much as I am, so she didn’t see the need to spend a ton of money on the Concept2, and the Precision Rower suits her needs quite nicely.
  5. This unit really does everything you’d expect it to when it comes to a rowing machine.
  6. It’s extremely easy to use a rowing machine and is suitable for beginner or intermediate users.
  7. Another important “pro” with the Precision Rower is the seat — this rowing machine’s seat is incredibly comfortable. When you’re going to be sitting on a rowing machine for 30-45 minutes per session, this becomes awfully important.
  8. The monitor on this machine is also a nice touch, helping you to keep track of your progress by tracking things like calories lost, overall time, resistance setting, and the number of rowing strokes.
  9. What’s nice about the monitor is that it updates on its own, every six seconds. This feature allows you to be constantly aware of your progress and how you’re doing.


A few buyers complaint of a minor squeaking sound coming from the Precision Rower when first using the device. A few owners reported the need for better workout instructions for beginners on how to use a rowing machine. While a few Amazon users wrote that they felt it wasn’t quite challenging enough for them.

Kettler Coach 2 Rowing Machine

Kettler Coach 2 Rowing Machine

The Kettler Coach 2 is another machine that our testers felt held up quite well. This rower has two hydraulic cylinders which create a smooth and dependable operation with consistent resistance during your workout.

The built-in training computer supplies continuous information on time, number of strokes, speed, distance covered, and more. The computer can be programmed for desired distance and stroke speed with visual and audio signaling to alert the user during workout time.

The ergonomically designed seat allows you to remain focused on your workout without discomfort while exercising. The Coach 2 weighs 55 kgs and has a manufacturer’s warranty provided.

The circular rowing design of the Coach 2 provides an even workout during use. The rowing handles offer a maximum 45-degree tilt to achieve the right fit for any user.

The smooth-operating seat rollers ensure a trouble-free performance throughout your routine.

Kettler Coach 2 Rowing Machine Workout

The anti-slip floor protectors prevent movement or sliding when you use the device on hard floor surfaces, which is a good safety precaution.

The pivoting footplates with heavy-duty straps ensure a secure workout routine without interruption. Our testers think this is one of the most impressive features of the machine.

The ear lobe clip provides accurate and continuous monitoring of your heart rate during a workout.

The heavy-duty steel framework of this unit has a 285-pound capacity. It will provide years of dependable service during intense workouts.

There have been a few consumer complaints expressing difficulty assembling the device alone without help. There were also owners who reported minor problems learning to use the training feature on the built-in computer.

Stamina Air Rower|Rowing Machine

stamina_air_rower Rowing Machine

The Stamina Air Rower rounds up our list for the best rowing machines on the market. This unit offers smooth and silent operation with an eddy current drive system consisting of a 16.5-pound flywheel.

The heavy-duty solid steel frame delivers a secure and durable construction with a 300 pound capacity for any routine, while the three-screen LCD console provides continuous information on distance covered, session time, number of strokes, strokes per minute, workout feedback, and burning of calories during your rowing machines routine.

This unit has a 5-year warranty on the frame, a 2-year warranty on parts, and a 1-year warranty on labor. The RW1000 folds for easy storage and weighs 55 kgs.

The RW 1000 includes foam-padded handgrips and pivoting footplates which provide versatility and comfort for long sessions on the machine.


Some consumers expressed trouble changing the battery for the LCD display for the device. Also, some owners stated they had minor difficulty folding the unit for storage or transport.

Wrapping it Up

The Natural Water Rower gets our nod as the best rowing machine on the market today. Its ease of use, sleek design, unmatched performance, and admiration amongst fitness enthusiasts make it the runaway winner.

It will set you back a pretty penny, though, so if that’s above your budget, we recommend the Stamina 1205 row machine, which is an excellent choice in the lower price range.

We also like the Concept2 Model D rowing machine for your budget-conscious shoppers who are still looking for a machine that will provide you with a great workout.

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