Rowing Machine Workout Benefits

Doing a workout on a rowing machine is a popular choice with many people who are looking to improve their overall fitness.

This is because using a rowing machine provides a number of benefits from just using this single piece of equipment, both in terms of working your muscles and burning calories.

These benefits are described in greater detail below.

It Provides an Aerobic Workout

Your heart rate will be raised when you use a rowing machine because so many different muscle groups are used in the workout.

Most rowing machines will have adjustable resistance which means that you are able to alter the intensity of the workout in order to reach your target heart rate when exercising, and then return back to your resting heart rate

It is an Efficient Way to Burn Calories

A rowing machine is one of the most efficient pieces of equipment that you can use in terms of burning calories.

When you are using a rowing machine you will burn more calories than if you spent the same amount of time on an exercise bike or treadmill.

The exact amount of calories that are burned will vary from person to person and will be dependant on the weight of the person and the intensity of their workout.

It Conditions the Lower Body

People tend to think of rowing as an activity that focuses on the upper body, but this is not the case. It also provides a very effective workout for the lower body as your thighs and calves will both be used when using this equipment.

This is especially true if the rowing machine has a sliding seat, as your legs will be working to pull yourself forward and push yourself back.

It Conditions the Upper Body

Of course, there are many muscle groups in the upper body that will be used when you use a rowing machine and these include:

– Biceps– Triceps– Rhomboids– Abs

When this list is also added to the advantages that the workout has for the lower body, it is easy to see how rowing can provide a workout for the whole of your body.

There is a Low Risk of Injury

Even though a rowing machine workout is highly effective, it is also a low impact which means that there is very little pressure put on the joints, and this can reduce the risk of injury.

There is also virtually no risk of falling because you are so low to the floor.

You should ensure that you have the correct posture when using the machine to reduce the strain on your back.

If you are looking for a piece of equipment that you can use at home to help build up your fitness, then you won’t go far wrong with a rowing machine.

A rowing machine workout will help to build lean muscle mass and burn a significant amount of calories, without putting you in danger of becoming injured.

It is one of the most effective workouts that you can do and is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.